This is a list of personal open-source projects, most (all?) of them hosted at GitHub.

Below is a simple description on each one, please refer to the project homepage of each one you would like more details.


Automatically finds subtitles for multiple movies using APIs. It can search recursively for videos in directories, making it easy to download subtitles for TV show packs.

Makes use of the excellent guessit package.


pytest-qt is a pytest plugin that provides fixtures to help write tests for PySide and PyQt applications.


Command line tool to make a feature branch workflow easier with Jenkins.

This tool handles the aspect of creating and deleting jobs for feature branches in a Jenkins server, but has evolved to also manipulate jobs on the server in a general way.

Awesome people at ESSS contributed a lot to it since its inception.


Site that periodically scans repositories looking for to-do marks in the code in order to display them. I wrote that because I wanted to work on heroku and because I felt we needed a way to keep track of our to-do tasks in the code base.

This is still a work in progress at the moment.